Supporting our clients to engage, develop and align teams. Helping individuals with their personal and professional challenges.

Zima Consulting helps clients to generate an organizational culture based on “People First”. We should remember that it is possible to combine Fun & Profit by defining a strategy placing people in the center. Happy employees generate loyal customers and better results.

Staying within law

  • Negotiation and employee relations
  • Reorganizations
  • Labor advice
  • Data privacy

International assignments

  • Expatriation (inbound/outbound)
  • Expatriate employee engagement

Talent and organization

  • Organizational alignment
  • Assessment / Development Centers
  • Change and culture
  • Executive Coaching
  • HR processes and procedures
  • Employee engagement
  • Succession planning ​

Compensation & Benefits

  • Flexible Compensation Plans.
  • Long Term Incentives.
  • Sales incentive schemes.
  • Compensation Analysis.
  • Retention strategies.

engaging people, empowering your reputation